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Power Xpert Gateway UPS Card

Power Xpert Gateway UPS Card
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The Power Xpert Gateway X-Slot UPS Card brings your Eaton UPS to your desktop. Monitor and manage your Eaton UPS remotely through real-time email alarms and data logging. Compatible with Eaton Uninterruptible Power Systems with X-Slot compatibility, the Power Xpert Gateway X-Slot UPS Card easily integrates your Eaton UPSs into your existing Ethernet infrastructure, minimizing installation costs. Monitor a single UPS via the card and its web interface, or integrate multiple UPSs, and other data center equipment, into Power Xpert Software and Power Xpert Reporting for a comprehensive system view.

• FUNCTION: Network, facility
• UPS SUPPORTED: BladeUPS, 9155, 9355, 9390, 9395
• SOFTWARE COMPATIBILITY: Foreseer, Intelligent Power Manager (IPM), Intelligent Power Protector (IPP)
• PART NUMBER: PXGXUPS 103007974-5591   
• SLOT TYPE: X-slot