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Xtreme Power designs, engineers, and services UPS, rack power distribution units, and portable cooling products for a global network of OEMs and distributors. UPS systems available in standby, line-interactive, online single-phase, online three-phase and isolated online topologies.  Xtreme Power Conversion's UPS electronics and batteries are covered for three years on most models with an upgrade to five years on select products.

Xtreme Power Bypass Distribution

The XBDM ensures continuous uptime for your critical electronics. This maintenance bypass module allows you to manually transfer critical loads from UPS power to utility power using a bypass switch, enabling UPS repair or replacement without power interruption to the load. Transferring back to protected UPS power is just as easy; simply return the bypass switch to the UPS position.

Xtreme Power Connectivity

Provide real-time monitoring, management, and control of remotely connected UPS from a web browser.

Xtreme Power XST Series

This series has been replaced with the A60 series

The compact XST is a single phase standby UPS designed to deliver power protection to small routers, switches, desktop PCs, VoIP equipment, phone systems, and point of sale equipment. A vital addition to any home office, it enables graceful shutdown of equipment during a longer power outage.

Xtreme Power A60 Series

Power and protect your critical electronics and maintain your internet connection during power outages. Xtreme Power A60 UPS keep you connected by providing battery backup so you can continue phone calls, checking emails, and maintain home automation and security systems. In addition, the A60-850 includes a USB charging port to charge and power your mobile devices during power outages.

Xtreme Power S70 Series

Power quality disturbances including voltage fluctuations, over voltage, under voltage, and voltage blackouts occur unexpectedly. In the event of any of these common power problems, the S70 UPS activates to protect all connected critical loads—ranging from your computer to your business telephone system.

Xtreme Power P80 Series

The P80 is a pure sine wave line interactive UPS that protects critical data and equipment from power problems while supplying clean and reliable network grade power. P80 units are the highest efficiency available, providing utility cost savings at all load levels. P80 design provides flexible mounting including tower, rack, or optional wall mounting.