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Xtreme Power SNMP-R90

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Additional Info

SNMP-R90 generates a standard RS232 signal level to communicate with UPS

• A low cost solution for the UPS to implement the SNMP/Web/TCPIP functions into the UPS.
• Compact size: 48mm x 63mm x 21mm (Weight:70g)
• CPU: ARM 50MHz Fully 32-bit RISC architecture
• Flash Memory: 512KB/1MB/2MB/4MB/8MB
• RAM: 2MB/8MB/16MB
• LAN interface: 10M/100M UTP Full/Half duplex
• Serial Port: RS232 port x1
• Power LED x1
• Programmable LED x3
• LAN Status LED x2
• Hardware Watch Dog (WDT)
• Power Supply: +4.8V ~ 7V DC, 250mA maximum
• Operating voltage 3.3 volt
• LAN Protocol: TCP/IP, SNMP, HTTP Server, SMTP, SNTP, PPP, PPPoE, DHCP, Telnet, Bootp, tftp, DDNS, DNS client,Ethernet Upgrade firmware
• Manage and configure via Telnet, Web Browser or NMS/SNMP
• Easy setup and upgrade firmware via tools