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powerware ups systems 

Powerware UPS Systems

powerware ups systems 

Power Pros is an Eaton (formerly Powerware) Authorized Power Specialist and can help with the entire product line of Eaton Powerware ups systems from single PCs to systems large enough to power entire data centers. As a power specialist, our sales technicians are always available to answer your questions before or after the purchase.

Powerware 3s Powerware 3s

Powerware 3S

Please see Eaton 3S category

The Powerware 3S UPS offers high efficiency and energy-saving battery backup protection ideal for PC-based home and office equipment.  Automatic integration with Windows/Mac/Linux via USB.  Includes both surge only and ups protected circuits along with data line protection.

powerware 9155 ups

Powerware 9155

Please see Eaton 9155 category

The Powerware 9155 uninterruptible power system delivers a genuine triple-play: the latest technology advances, a stylish and user-friendly design, and a budget-pleasing price. It is available from 8kVA to 15 kVA.

powerware ferrups

Powerware Ferrups

Please see Eaton Ferrups FX category

The Powerware Ferrups uninterruptible power system provides unmatched reliability in configurable power protection.  Patented ferroresonant technology delivers "bulletproof" power protection.  Available from 500VA to 18kVA.

Powerware BladeUPS

Please see Eaton BladeUPS category

The Powerware BladeUPS is a power quality solution which expands power protection from 12 kW to 60 kW in a single industry standard 19-inch rack, and most significantly, provides this robust, compact solution without generating the additional heat associated with legacy end-of-row, modular UPS products.

powerware 9355 ups

Powerware 9355

Please see Eaton 9355 category

The Powerware 9355 uninterruptible power system delivers delivers 10 kVA to 30 kVA of 3-phase power protection in a sleek tower only 12" wide and 33" deep, including internal batteries. Powerware's 9355 ups provides maximum economy, adaptability, and power performance.

Powerware 9390

Please see Eaton 9390 category

The Powerware 9390 UPS delivers delivers 20 kVA to 160 kVA of 3-phase power protection in a small footprint.  Powerware's 9390 series provides maximum flexibility and power performance in a scalable architecture.