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Power distribution is facilitated through different pieces of equipment that take the power conditioned by your uninterruptible power supply (UPS) and send it to your IT equipment. Power distribution solutions can manage and even control energy consumption in smaller environments as well as large data center applications. Distributing power efficiently results in reduced operating costs and increased reliability.

Whether you need integrated power distribution within a few racks or power throughout your data center, there are many solutions to consider when building out your power infrastructure. Understanding your environment and power needs allows you to begin right-sizing your distribution equipment.

eaton epdu

Eaton PDU

Eaton ePDUs cover all power densities and technologies to satisfy the needs of every data center. Available in 0U vertical or horizontal mounting and technologies from basic PDUs to monitored and switched designs.

Orion Power PDUs

Orion Power Systems Value Series PDUs
Provide a cost effective way to power your equipment rack. All power strips are built with sturdy construction and are UL listed.