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UPS Preventive Maintenance Plans

Warranty and Maintenance Contracts
Even the best power equipment needs to be properly maintained. Let our trained, experienced field technicians help you keep your power systems in perfect working order. Power Pros provides a full range of comprehensive warranty and maintenance programs to ensure the on-going reliability of your power backup system. Start-up services are available, providing trained service personnel to confirm the proper wiring of the installation, power-up the system for the first time and provide system training. Even under normal operating conditions, some components of UPS systems will fail over time. Your customized maintenance contract with Power Pros ensures that these parts will be checked regularly and replaced as needed to avoid unnecessary downtime. Power Pros offers several levels of On-Site service including a Full Service Plan which provides comprehensive preventive maintenance and repair covering all parts, labor, travel, and batteries. Subscribing to any of our service plans guarantees that your system will be annually inspected and tested. For less critical applications we offer our On-Call Plan which is fee-based.

Whether you want to set up a preventive maintenance plan, or you want the security of knowing that technical support and service personnel will be immediately available at a crucial moment, call on Power Pros to fulfill your system maintenance needs.