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eaton communications cards   

Eaton Communications Cards

Eaton ups systems 
With the growth in distributed computing, computer and network resources reside in multiple remote locations and so do the uninterruptible power systems that protect them. Eaton ConnectUPS Web/SNMP cards enable you to monitor and control remote UPSs from Web browsers or industry-standard network management systems.  Eaton Relay Interface Cards enable automatic shutdown and network monitoring of UPS system status through a connected computer such as an AS/400 or similar server.

Eaton communications devices are offered in these models:

  • Mini-Slot model designed for Eaton 5130 and 9135 UPSs
  • X-model for UPSs with X-Slots  - Eaton 5115RM, 5125, 9125, 9155, 9355, BladeUPS, 9390
  • BD-model for UPS with BD-Slot - Eaton 9120, 9130, 9170+
Relay MS Card
Eaton Relay / Serial Interface Card - MS Slot

Eaton MS slot relay card for AS/400 connectivity through RS-232 serial port. For use with 5130, 9135 and other BD slot ups systems.

Eaton gigabit network card
Eaton Gigabit Network Card

Eaton Gigabit Network Card for Eaton Evolution, 5P/PX, EX, 5130, 9130, 9PX, 9E ups systems.

Replacement for Eaton Network-MS SNMP adapter card

Eaton Network-MS Web/SNMP Card
Eaton Network-MS Web/SNMP Card

Item has been discontinued and replaced by the Eaton Gigabit Network Card.

Eaton Network-MS SNMP adapter card for Eaton Evolution, 5P/PX, EX, 5130, 9130, 9PX, 9E ups systems.

Eaton Industrial Gateway Card

The Eaton Industrial Gateway Card (INDGW-M2) combines the features of an SNMP agent, HTTP/web server and a Modbus card to facilitate remote monitoring of your UPS system through any Building Management System. For use with 5P, 5PX, 9PX, 9SX, 93PM, 93E.

Power Xpert Gateway UPS Card
Power Xpert Gateway UPS Card

The Power Xpert Gateway X-Slot UPS Card brings your Eaton UPS to your desktop. Monitor and manage your Eaton UPS remotely through real-time email alarms and data logging.