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Pro Charging Systems 12 Volt Battery System Balancer PN# I1215BSBQUAD

I1215BSBQUAD Pro Charging battery system balancer
I1215BSBQUAD Pro Charging battery system balancer
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Pro Charging Systems 12 Volt battery charging system designed for the demands of Industrial and Rental Markets.  May be used in many types of applications including: Lift Equipment, Electric Buses, Golf Carts, Scrubbers, Electric Utility Vehicles, or more.

Battery system balancer is specifically designed to charge 12V batteries independently of each other. Because the charger is dual fan cooled, it can deliver higher amperages throughout the charge profile and recover batteries at a faster rate. It is ideal for 220AH to 300AH capacity batteries.

• 15 amp output for each battery
• For use with Lead Acid (Wet/AGM) batteries
• Easily reconfigured for Gelled Electrolyte batteries
• DeltaVolt® Intuitive Charging Technology
• Independent outputs
• Fully automatic / multi stage charging
• Zero spark technology
• Battery maintenance mode
• Dependable, rugged construction
• Dual fan cooled
• Fully automatic with float maintenance
• Reverse polarity spark free operation
• Return to charge maintenance mode
• Exclusive on board diagnostics
• High visibility, easy to read LED charge indicators
• DeltaView® compatible