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Pro Charging Systems / Dual Pro

Dual Pro / Pro Charging
Pro Charging
Dual Pro

Pro Charging Systems is a leading provider of a wide range of battery charging systems for marine, industrial, emergency services and recreational applications. Their charging systems are built to last and designed to make your battery systems perform better and remain in service longer. Pro Charging systems charge batteries faster to 100% charge with no risk of overcharging, maintain the charge and make batteries perform better and last longer. As a result, leading battery manufacturers recommend these products to charge their batteries and many manufacturers make Pro Charging System chargers their primary choice for installation on their products.

Battery Maintenance

Pro Charging battery maintenance tools include the battery system balancer and discharger. When used together, the Battery Discharger and Battery Balancer can be used to sort and regroup like batteries to eliminate unbalanced batteries in a bank, thus extending the lifetime of batteries. 

Battery Optimization System (B.O.S.)

Battery Optimization Systems actively shuttle energy between batteries to keep "the pack" balanced, increasing battery strength and longevity. B.O.S. shuttles energy as needed between batteries wired in series to ensure equal voltage before, during and after charging. Keeps packs balanced, enabling maximum performance, and quadruples run time on the water. Battery Optimization systems successfully extend the life of each battery in the pack as well as increase run times.

Industrial Series Chargers

The Industrial battery charger provides the power needed in a light weight, compact design. This economical, reliable and safe battery charging system delivers superior value.
May be used in many types of industrial applications including Lifts, Floor Scrubbers,
Powered Cart Movers, Heavy Duty Trailers and More.

Pro Charging Systems Dual-Pro

Marine Dual Pro Chargers

Pro Charging Systems battery chargers are known as the safest, most reliable, and best performing battery chargers in the industry.  Across a broad range of fishing and recreational boats, Pro Charging Systems keeps boaters on the water longer while extending the life of their batteries.

Pro Charging Systems Connectors

Assorted variety of cable connectors for Pro Charging battery chargers

Dual Pro Eagle Performance Chargers

Eagle Performance Series Chargers

Eagle Performance Series chargers by Dual Pro/Pro Charging Systems are specially designed for use with electric vehicles such as golf carts and lifts. Fully automatic and water resistant with optional manufacturer specific connectors, Eagle Perfomance chargers offer unmatched performance, reliability, safety and quality.