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GS Yuasa Energy Solutions, Inc. is an American subsidiary of GS Yuasa Corporation, the world’s second largest battery company and a 100+ year old Japanese corporation. GS Yuasa Energy Solutions (GYES) was formed in 2019 to address the growing energy storage and reserve power markets. GYES brings together and leverages GS Yuasa Corporation’s advanced technologies with proven American market successes in lithium, telecom, UPS, alarm & security, and energy storage into a single business unit. GS Yuasa Corporation’s businesses include the manufacture and supply of batteries, power supply systems, lighting equipment, specialty and other electrical equipment

Yuasa SWU210-12FR Battery

Yuasa SWU210-12FR battery is rated at 12V, 211WPC with an M6 terminal

Yuasa SWU300-12FR Battery

Yuasa SWU300-12FR battery is rated at 12V, 308WPC with an M6 terminal

Yuasa SWU360-12FR Battery

Yuasa SWU360-12FR battery is rated at 12V, 358WPC with an M6 terminal

Yuasa SWU425-12FR Battery

Yuasa SWU425-12FR battery is rated at 12V, 425WPC with an M6 terminal

Yuasa SWU500-12FR Battery

Yuasa SWU500-12FR battery is rated at 12V, 500WPC with an M6 terminal

Yuasa SWU585-12FR Battery

Yuasa SWU585-12FR battery is rated at 12V, 584WPC with an M6 terminal