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JLG Lift Battery Charger i2425OBRMJLG Pro Charging Systems

JLG Lift Battery Charger i2425OBRMJLG Pro Charging Systems
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Pro Charging Systems OEM replacement battery charger i2425OBRMJLGE for JLG Lifts.  120VAC to 24VDC for fully automatic battery charging, 25 amp output.  Specially designed to replace OEM JLG charger for industrial applications - safe, reliable, and efficient.

  • Compatible with OEM JLG Chargers for lift models 1532E, 1932E, 2033E, 2046E, 2646E, and 2658E, JLG Vertical Mast Lifts 15MSP, 20MSP, 15MVL and 20MVL
  • Dependable, rugged construction designed for tough duty applications. Water resistant. Made in USA
  • Reverse polarity protection, on board fan cooling, temperature control and Quick Logic microprocessor capabilities
  • Includes all necessary connectors and cables to install on your JLG Lift - "plug 'n play" installation
  • Please contact us if you have any questions about selecting the correct charger for your JLG Lift


Compatible With These Manufacturers Units

  • JLG USA/Belgium/China Built Model Numbers 1230ES, 1930ES, 20300ES, 2630ES, 2646ES, 3246E, battery charger part numbers 0400238 / 10011112111 / 100112837.  Note: USA built units Serial Number - 0200152826 To Now, Belgium built units Serial Number - 1200008482 To Now, China built units Serial Number - 1200000100 To Now
  • JLG Vertical Mast Lifts Model Numbers 15MSP, 20MSP, 15 MVL, 20MVL, battery charger part numbers 0274875 / 1001102932 / 1001104613