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Battery Replacement

If you are looking for replacement batteries for your UPS, phone system, emergency lighting system, or custom application, Power Pros has the right battery. Our multiple warehouses across the country ensure that you are getting the best selection with the quickest shipment at the lowest delivered cost.

Power Pros provides a full line of repair services for all UPS backup systems. Service can be provided at the customer site or in a fully equipped service center. Since many service calls are the result of battery problems, our technicians test battery charging circuitry and load-test the batteries. Power Pros stocks a complete supply of replacement batteries.


UPS Preventive Maintenance

Even the best power equipment needs to be properly maintained. Let our trained, experienced field technicians help you keep your power systems in perfect working order. Power Pros provides a full range of comprehensive warranty and maintenance programs to ensure the on-going reliability of your power backup system. Start-up services are available, providing trained service personnel to confirm the proper wiring of the installation, power-up the system for the first time and provide system training.