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Spot Cooling   

Spot Cooling

Power Pros has the cooling solutions that you need for your sensitive electronic equipment. We have a wide selection of rack air distribution systems and also carry the versatile CoolCube spot cooler. Whether it is a small room, equipment closet, or a densely populated rack we can meet the environmental demands of your application.


KwiKool portable air conditioners provide an industrial-grade, efficient, and dependable 24x7 cooling solution for sensitive computer and electronic equipment. KwiKool systems may be used as either a primary or supplemental cooling system and are frequently deployed to provide backup cooling or additional capacity for small data closets, computer rooms, and other small to medium sized spaces.

Kwikool BioAir Purifiers

Kwikool's BIOAIR is Kwikool's complete solution to air cleanliness. All of the models use the air cleaning power of HEPA, High Efficiency Particulate Air 99.97% filters, capturing particles greater
than .3 microns.
When used to create negative pressure, Bioair+removes contaminated air from the space while drawing in fresh air. Common standards require that a HEPA air filter
must remove 99.99% of particles greater than or equal to 0.3 μm diameter
. Bioair+™ has UVC lights inside every unit.


Kwikool KPO Indoor & Outdoor Series

The KPO Indoor & Outdoor series utilizes variable spped drive technology designed for low ambient control to 0 degrees F. Kwikool's phase & power monitor provide comprehensive electrical safety. All systems equipped with high static blowers for maximum air movement & ducting distance. KPOs come with optional electric heat for maximum value all year long. 5 and 12-ton models are just 32" wide and will fit through a standard 36" doorway.