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Kwikool Portable Air Conditioner

KwiKool Portable Air Conditioners

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KwiKool portable air conditioners provide an industrial-grade, efficient, and dependable 24x7 cooling solution for sensitive computer and electronic equipment. KwiKool systems may be used as either a primary or supplemental cooling system and are frequently deployed to provide backup cooling or additional capacity for small data closets, computer rooms, and other small to medium sized spaces. With standard casters, KwiKool portable AC units are easy to position and install. Larger air-cooled systems, split systems and water cooled systems are also available, please call 888-330-2538 if you have any questions.
  • 14,000 to 120,000 BTU/hr cooling capacity
  • Receptacle systems for common 120v and 208v sizes
  • Ceiling and window adapter kits available for hot air exhaust
  • Microprocessor controlled
  • Equipped with high lift internal condensate pumps and external tank
  • Made in the USA

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CK-12 KwiKool Ceiling Kit
CK-12 KwiKool Ceiling Kit

KwiKool CK-12 Ceiling Kit for portable air conditioning exhaust for SAC1411 and SAC1811 KwiKool portable air conditioners.

CK-24 KwiKool Ceiling Kit
CK-24 KwiKool Ceiling Kit

KwiKool CK-24 Ceiling Kit for portable air conditioning exhaust for SAC2411, SAC2421, and SAC3021 KwiKool portable air conditioners.

KPAC1411 KwiKool Portable AC
KPAC1411 KwiKool Portable AC

Kwikool KPAC1411 portable air conditioner provides 13,850 BTU/Hr ofcooling capacity, ideal for use in computer rooms, network closets,warehouses, and other locations where reliable, commercial-grade coolingis required.

KIB1811 KwiKool Portable AC
KIB1811 KwiKool Portable AC

Kwikool KIB1811 portable air conditioner provides 17,700 BTU/Hr ofcooling capacity.  Dependable and reliable, Made in the USA, ideal for use in server rooms, data centers, and other locations where commercial-grade coolingis required

KIB2421 KwiKool Portable AC
KIB2421 KwiKool Portable AC

Kwikool KIB2421 portable air conditioner provides 23,500 BTU/Hr ofcooling capacity for use with 208 volt wall outlets.  Made in the USA rugged construction - ideal for use as in server rooms, data centers, and industrial spaces.

KIB2411 KwiKool Portable AC
KIB2411 KwiKool Portable AC

Kwikool KIB2411 portable air conditioner provides 23,500 BTU/Hr ofcooling capacity.  Made in the USA rugged construction and supreme reliability.  Ideal for use as a permanent cooling system or an emergency standby cooling system.